Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project 10 Pan Update & Other Ramblings

I am half way there ladies and gents! I finished off 5 of my 10 items...lookey here :)

5 down, 5 more to go!!!

And onto some random ramblings....

Models own 50% sale was mayhem.  It literally took me 10 hours to checkout, and I just ended up buying: aciid, utopia, jade stone, juicy jules, and a nail art pen.  I was able to take advantage of the free shipping, because a state-side friend gave me her order as well haha.

Speaking of shopping, so disappointed that I am completely broke and I can't buy the Alexander Wang shoes that are some serious sale right now :/ It looks like I'm going to completely miss the bus on those items. I just hope they don't appear on ebay in a few months for obscene amounts of money.

I'm going to moan a little bit...recently I was web surfing and came across a blog that I really enjoyed reading. Well until the blogger wrote some really narrow minded comment about how nfu oh bottles were so ugly and that it's because it's made by Koreans.  WTF is that suppose to mean?  Obviously I take offence to that because I am Korean, but what I was offended by the most was the ignorant statement based on cultural generalisation.  Obviously I won't be reading her blog anymore.  Just because you have the freedom of speech doesn't mean you have the freedom to spew ignorance and hatred. Keep your political/racial opinions to fact, why even think that way? You can't possibly know enough of one culture to even make general blanket statements like that.  I grew up in an area of 60% african-americans, but would I ever make a generalisation about black people? NEVER! because you can't stereotype people.  Ugh, it was just so offensive reading that, and frustrating that even in 2011, some people think it's their right to insult others based on race.  I'm sure that blogger doesn't know not even one Korean person to even have enough to back up her statement.  She may have a beauty blog and be beautiful, but I found her words quite ugly.

Anyways, onto a more fun topic.....

I really meant ramblings, this post has no order what so ever hahah

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My latest obsession has been perfumes! My perfume want list has grown significantly.  Its a lost love of mine. Back in 2003 I use to work at a perfume shop, and really enjoyed it and learned so much about perfume making.  I am feeling that love again for perfumes.  So I'm looking at my 3 measly perfumes and definitely craving to add more! 

What's your favourite perfume?



  1. I'm glad I didn't order from the MO sale...I would have spent too much to get free shipping! Is that the only thing you've broken P10P for? I've been so good...not bought anything other than a much needed top coat and clear mascara (for a £1!) for an entire 24 days feels like forever! I wish I could get into perfume but I'm kind of glad I'm not because it's expensive and I don't like opening them in case they go off :/ xx

  2. Yes, I allowed myself to get the models own before even starting the P10P. It is really hard!!! But I'm halfway there, so I'm feeling quite good about it all.

    Congrats on making it 24 days xx