Monday, August 1, 2011

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Shade 1

I really wanted this about 2 months ago, and then I got the Becca skin perfecter, so I thought I didn't want this, but when TJ Hughes was closing and I saw this in the locked up showcase, I just knew this was my chance to purchase this expensive highlighter at a fraction of the cost.  I ended up getting it for 30% off and I got instant gratification, because I could buy it then and there instead of hunting ebay for this (and possibly even getting a fake).  

I ended up purchasing Shade 1, which ironically was the only colour they had in stock.  I am glad YSL came out with more colours, because frankly what about all the warmer skinned girls?  So glad they came out with something to match woman of all colours.

This is what this pen looks like...


This is the clicker on the bottom
I literally had to click this about 15 times before my first pump came out, I was really worried it was faulty, but thankfully it finally started to come out

I drew a line around the colour, clearly my face isn't as pale as my arm, so it really does help brighten up my under eye, chin, above the eyebrow and any other place that I need some light to reflect on.

So what do I think about it?
I think that this pen costing $40 USD/£21 is quite an expensive highlighter for what you get.  I would like to say a little goes a long way, but it really doesn't.  I was also expecting the formula to have a bit more shimmer to it, but it really didn't.  So if you have dry skin/dry patches, this would appear to cake on that.  It does brighten up your face, but I guess for $40, I really expected it to brighten my eye area a little bit more.  I do find that the brush is soft and quite suitable for the eye area, but I'm just not that convinced this is a must have.  I will say however that it is convenient to take with you, and will be in my bag for this summer to highlight my areas. I also like the packaging, it is luxurious and nice to look at.  I wonder if the new colours have changed in formula, but like i said considering all the ads have the model's faces glowing, i was expecting more of a shimmer effect, but instead I just sort of got this lighter concealer/foundation type of finish.

Overall, I like it, but I probably won't repurchase this. I'm just glad I didn't pay $40 for it.

How do you like to wear this highlighter?
Does it work for you?

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