Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Incoco Nail Strips in Prim & Proper

Perfect name for this set!  Prim & Proper is a new twist to your traditional houndstooth pattern.  It amps up the feminity in this masculine pattern by having a pinky champagne base. It makes a difference, even though you wouldn't think it does.  Take a look at the comparison between the Sally Hansen's houndstooth pattern and this one.

It's not as abrasive, but it still has that funky pattern.

The other neat thing about this set is that because the base is shimmery, it gives an illusion of depth, so there is this really cool 3d effect to this set.  I find this with a lot of Incoco's designer series sets.  Because there is that new element of glitter or shimmer in patterns that normally don't have it, it creates an 3d illusion.  I thinks that's very clever of them, especially with so many companies now coming out with nail strips.

Once again, I had no issues applying these.  I did my entire hands in less than 5 minutes.  I told you I'm becoming a pro at this!  I should be one of those employees that applies these to people's nails in the mall...although England doesn't really have that many malls, so hmmm.....

but anyways, I really like these.  Sometimes I'm just too impatient to paint my nails, and wait until they dry (even with fast drying topcoats), so these are just perfect for me.  I apply them, and there is no drying time.  I'm typing this blog entry literally 10 seconds after I applied my last nail on.

If you like this set, you can purchase it HERE.

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