Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Farm

Ok Ok It's not really a farm, but I'm currently staying with my in laws and they have a love for gardening.  They don't have a lot of land at all, in fact it's just a tiny backyard, but what they do with the space is just amazing. So I wanted to share with you just the amazing little patches they have.  This summer has been filled with fresh, organic raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cucumbers, courgettes, cabbage, lettuce, leeks, beans, tomato's, and fresh eggs from the chickens.  It's really admirable since I can't even grow herbs in my kitchen properly :X

Leeks and the Chickens :)

Courgettes, Beans, and lettuce

Random flower, gorgeous colour

Tomato's! This is only 1 row, there are 4

Raspberries in full bloom

AND...Doggie Spam
Oscar refused to look in the camera. He was being a "brat"...big shocker lol

Anyways, there is something to really say about being self sufficient and growing your own food. I really admire what they do.  I'm the type of city girl to run from a bee, but they definitely know what they are doing on their "farm" :)

Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday!
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  1. wow, you've got an amazing garden there!
    your puppy oscar is adorable ♥ ... he's just got a lot of personality, he's not a brat :))
    he's like : "pics today? no, thanks!" ... LOL

  2. Thank you! Oscar is a cutie pie, but he does whatever he wants, that's why he's a spoiled brat, but I love him with all my heart :)