Monday, August 8, 2011

Max Factor Max Effect mini Nail Polish in 20 Silver

When I first moved to England, I met up with a friend that I met online.  Long story short, her ex boyfriend is an artist that my husband has been interested in working with.  Anyways, I guess my love for nail polish and all beauty related items spill into my professional work, because she gave me a bottle of nail polish as a present HAHA.

This is Max Factor Max Effect mini Nail Polish in 20 Silver.  I don't think this is available in the US, because I have never seen it at the drugstores or Ulta.  So this must be a UK/european exclusive.  

When they said tiny, they weren't kidding.  Not as tiny as Le Metier, but just as mini.  At least they know this and called it mini nail polish on the label.  With mini nail polishes, comes mini brushes, and I think that is my only complaint about this polish.  It might do some good with some Seche restore to thin it out a bit, but the finish was smooth despite having this lovely gritty steel colour.  There are tiny blue, silver, copper, gunmetal micro-glitters that are in this polish that really make it stand out.  However, as gorgeous as this is, it just doesn't compare to Chanel's Graphite and the mini brush are all reasons that I can't see myself pulling for this again.



It is quite a lovely colour, I just wish it came in a normal size bottle. 
And here is the painful part, this small bottle retails for £3.49.
I guess it is good for travel, so that is one perk to this size.

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