Friday, August 12, 2011

LUSH Lust Solid Perfume

Perfume is so subjective, this is why I do shy away from giving fragrance reviews.  But, I wanted to show you this product, because I'm really loving it.  I normally don't like heavy scents, but I am a lover of single note perfumes, especially from Molinard.  Sure Lust is not a single note frangrance, because it has other notes than Jasmine; such as, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, rose, lavender. and sandalwood.  I personally hate vanilla and sandalwood, but you can't smell it (or at least on my skin you can't).

I'm going to just say that if you don't like Jasmine, steer clear, but this is one punch in the face of Jasmine...which I LOVE!!! There is something so dark and sexy about this and I am loving it.

It is in eco packaging, minimal, small and portable.  The empty can also be returned along with other 4 black pots for a free face mask. So that's another incentive to recycle :)

The only issue I had (very small issue) is that there is a red dye to this scent, but if you rub your wrist together it goes away.   Otherwise, I have no problems with this product, and I am in Jasmine heaven this morning.


You can purchase this at Lush stores and or
The price is £4.95 for 12g
Well worth it my friends, if you love Jasmine like I do.

Do you love Lush? What's your favourite product?

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