Saturday, August 20, 2011

YSL Touche Brillance 3 Pink Quartz

YSL Touche Brillance Sparkling Touch For Lips lipgloss is a shimmery gloss that is pumped out of a pen.  You apply it with the brush end.  I think I'm so use to applying lipgloss with a wand, that I initially had mixed feelings about this.

After using this, I realised how much better it was to apply lipgloss or any lip product for that matter with a brush.  It helps control the application better.


3 Pink Quartz is a shimmery (slightly frosty) baby pink.
I would probably use this as a topper instead of on it's own due to the frosty shimmer to it.
 It also smells and taste fruity (and not in a bad way). It's surprising, because I usually don't like anything to taste like food on my lips unless it's actual food, but this has a sweet and pleasant scent, so for me that is a huge bonus.

You can purchase this for £21 at Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges and anywhere else YSL products have a concession.  

Would I repurchase this? Probably not, the colour is too frosty and for £21, I would probably invest in another Chanel lipgloss because they are by far my favourite lip glosses on the market.

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