Thursday, August 4, 2011

Batiste Original vs. Fresh vs. Batiste for medium & brunette hair Dry Shampoo

I have now had the pleasure to try 3 different types of dry shampoo: original, Fresh, and for medium and brunette hair.  I was new to the whole dry shampoo concept roughly 2 years ago.  I went ahead and bought an expensive bottles that I saw at Sephora. Spent $20+ and expected them all to the be the same.  I even purchased the Tresemme Instant refresh volumising dry shampoo, and that left me disappointed too, because it did not volumise and left a lot of white powder in my black hair.  Well disappointment after disappointment, I gave up looking and went on a very poor downward spiral of washing my hair everyday.  So I have extremely dry hair now.  

Well about 3 months ago, I was in Boots and saw the Batiste for less than £2, so I bought it, because I have seen these talked about quite a bit.  Best decision I have made, and I will never again go back to buying the expensive bottles.  This is my "collection", and I haven't been happier since.

Batiste original has a slightly citrusy scent to it.  It's not horrible, but it's not as good as the Fresh version, which is much more pleasant.  These two did not leave white flakes like other dry shampoos have with my black hair, but I did notice that if the nozzle is clogs, sometimes it can spit out and leave white flakes (dandruff looking powder) onto my hair.  Not a good look lol, so my favourite by far now is the brunette version.  I got this on clearance at Boots, so my fear is that they discontinued this.  Is there not enough dark haired girls buying dry shampoo? Come on!!!! Don't discontinue it Boots! Pleaseeeeeeeeee.

Overall, for the inexpensive price and effectiveness, I highly recommend Batiste dry shampoo, in any version.  This can be purchased at boots, and variety of places online, and if you have a TJ Hughes near you closing down, they were selling the boho tropical version for only £1.52! 

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