Saturday, August 20, 2011

Muji Acrylic Storage Solutions

As promised, I wanted to show you all the other Muji storage solutions that I own.  I actually got these off of ebay along with a picture frame for such a cheap price (I forget now how much).  I really can't wait to go into Muji the next time I'm in london.  I absolutely find them  quite useful and I love them so much!!

2 tier case

 The drawers come out completely if you're not careful.  They are easy construction, but it looks very sleek when all your makeup is inside of it.
6 slot divider
The dividers come out so that you can have as many slots as you want.

They are both very easy to clean and very sturdy. 
I am looking at getting more tiered cases so I can stack them up.

Show me your Muji :)

Until next time 
take it ez :)

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