Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiko Soft Touch Blush in 05 Bright Peach

I'm on a roll here baby!! Next up is the Kiko soft touch blush in 05 Bright Peach.  I have to say that the packaging on these blushes are far more luxurious than the others.  It's a very nice gold packaging with a modern design on the front.  I do like this, because it really makes this a piece you would be proud of to pull out of your makeup bag.

Just like the eye shadows, the blushes have tons of fall out as well.  Such a waste of product really.  This blush applies very sheer, but can be built up.  The brush that comes with the blush is absolutely useless.  It doesn't pick up the blush at all. 

As nice as the gold packaging is, I really thought their lilac box to be slightly tacky.  It takes away from the packaging in my opinion, but it's just a box I'll toss anyways.

Colourwise, this is gorgeous and it reminds me of the shades from Chanel, so I'm very happy to have this in my collection now.  I just fear that with all the fall out, it will go very quickly. 

Have you tried Kiko blushes?  Do you love? hate?


  1. Ohhh goodness, such a beautiful color!!! Is Kiko makeup only sold in UK??

  2. I wish it was, it's sold in Italy, and I read somewhere in Portugal as well.