Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Lip colour: Illamasqua Explode and YSL Rouge Pur 59

How many times have you seen something online, and when you get it in your hands and apply it, it becomes your worst nightmare come true.  Sometimes lip colour doesn't work out, and then you are either stuck with that or trying to pawn it off online or onto your friends? 
Well today I got two that were horrible on me.  I mean you couldn't pay me enough money to go out the door wearing these.  I'm sure it looks good on someone, but it didn't on me.

YSL Rouge Pur 59 was way too warm for me.  It was a beautiful peach/gold lipstick, but on me it just looked way too orange.  
Illamasqua on the other hand was way too cool for me.  On my lips, it made me look super pale and like a corpse.  The blue was way too prominent on my lips.

Believe me, the YSL is much more orange/gold than that in real life

So what to do??? Well, I tried layering the YSL on top of other reds hoping that the gold would subside, but instead it protruded even more.  I seriously had orange lips this morning.  And although I'm sure some really funky a$$ girl could pull it off, I don't think I could.

So...I rummaged through my lippie bag, and found the Illmasqua that I threw in there weeks ago and remained neglected.  The fact that one was too warm and one was too cool, actually worked in each other's favour.  When mixed, I got this awesome colour

Gorgeous isn't it? Perfect day time colour for me. I think I need to rubber band these two together, since they will become a pair now.

So the moral of the story kids is, don't just reject a colour because it doesn't work out immediately for you.  Combine to see if you can discover a new colour that you will love xx

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