Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to the 80's - My Retro Watch

Recently I showed you ladies about my awesome 80's retro cassette tape iphone case HA! I should have showed you my retro 80's digital watch as well teehee.
My DH absolutely hates this watch, because he remembers it when it was popular in the 80's. Yes people, my DH is so much older than me haha. But I love it. I remember the 80's too when this was popular.  But I was a kid and obviously parents weren't about to buy me a watch. So now at 31, I finally get my watch hahaha. I love it, I am picturing some really neon nails with this! Maybe even my Christian Louboutin neon yellow pumps too :)

Now this isn't everyone's cup of tea, and it's a tad masculine, but there is just something so odd and ugly about it that makes me love it just that much more! And for £5 posted, you can't knock that price.

Purchased from Asos during their final summer sale.  I do love me some Asos, they have such a wide selection of accessories of all styles. You really can't beat that. Although it is quite overwhelming to me, but if you have a couple of hours to kill, Asos is some really awesome online window shopping!

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