Friday, August 26, 2011

Models Own Haul - Lemon Meringue, Jade Stone, Juicy Jules, Aciid, Utopia

Are you all sick of me talking about Models own yet? I promise I'll talk about something else soon :p xx But first I must show you my goodies.  I did allow myself to break the ban for this sale, since the next sale will be next year probably and I just can't wait that long!

Lemon Meringue
Jade Stone
Juicy Jules

Utopia, Lemon Meringue, Jade Stone, Aciid, Juicy Jules (on black base)

My favourite is a toss up between Jade Stone and Aciid.
DH hates Aciid, but I responded by telling him "then you don't have to wear it".

Service was fast, especially with the volume of sales they got.
I also want to pre warn everyone that not all bottles come in the plastic wrap. I got some that did not have it, and Models Own reassured me that they were all new.
Just odd to me I suppose, but as long as they are new, that's all that matters.
My nail art pen was missing too, but they will be resending that to me as well :)

Either way, what a sale! My haul is tiny compared to others, but I love each and every one of them.

What did you end up getting from the sale?


  1. Beautiful swatches! I own Lemon Meringue and Jade Stone, and I love them both. It's going to take longer to get here to the US, but I'm so excited about my MO haul! I picked up Betty Blue, In The Navy, Moody Grey, and Grey Day. Can you tell who's in the mood for fall? ;-)

  2. Those are awesome colours too! I feel you, I'm holding back from bringing out all my vampy colours :)

  3. Juicy Jules is so beautiful!
    I don't have a Models Own polish yet, I hope to get my hands on one soon! :)