Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 4 month Glossybox Experience

This will be my last post about anything relating to Glossybox.  I have been their customer for 4 months now (since they opened their doors).  I have read just about every one's take on the controversy surrounding Glossybox, and this is my experience with them.

MAY's BOX (Debut box)

Box 1 was a surprise to us all.  It featured full size items, and therefore went beyond our expectations.  Box 1 was also given out for free to tons of bloggers to help with publicity and to gain more subscriptions.  I, like everyone else, raved about how happy we were with this box considering it was only £10.


Box 2 arrived, and I was pleased with the contents, I mean really for £10 what more can you expect, especially when we did sign up for a sample box, and there clearly is full size items.  

But the joy was shortened abruptly with the notice that they are now charging shipping.  My whole entire point all along was that, IF they had disclosed this from the beginning, then I would have had no issues with paying the shipping, but it clearly was a case of bait and switch, and this is where my opinion of Glossybox went south.


Box 3 was a predictably good box in terms of giving the subscribers the full size items.  With so many people complaining about the contents of box 2, it was obvious that glossybox would be forced to pull out something big this month.  

The only issue is that people will continue to expect full size items in their boxes, even though the subscription is for a box of 5 samples.  They even wrote it in their letter to us (that came in this box), that they would give full size items in the future, but for us not to expect it.  Hmm.... I wonder how many people are going to complain in August if we don't get full size items.  I can bet money that people will complain


Despite featuring full size products, I'm not really excited about any of these products.  Glossybox is suppose to be a way of introducing the busy average woman to new and high end products...well none of these products (other than the mascara) is "new" to me or "new" to the beauty market.  

Basically, as fun as this concept is.  I won't be subscribing anymore after this month.

 First, I don't support companies that bait and switch.  I also didn't appreciate them trying to twist it around by saying that they were doing us a FAVOUR by giving us complimentary shipping; when clearly the fault lied with their business plan.  There was obviously a miscalculation in numbers; therefore, they had to charge us shipping to make their profit margins greater.  It was a slick PR mumble jumble, but I didn't buy it.

 Lastly, I am discontinuing my subscription because at the end of the day, this box is not geared towards me or any other beauty blogger or beauty fanatic out there.  This box is meant for the busy woman who doesn't have time to filter through the hundreds of beauty ads, which is what we do as beauty bloggers and beauty addicts :)

I'm not saying that this isn't a fun concept. The element of surprise and mystery has hooked tons of us (including me), but frankly, I'd rather pay £14 towards something else that I know I will like.  

So with all the PR bloops, disorganisatised programs (glossydots), and items that I wasn't so keen on, I will be moving on and spending my money elsewhere. 

Adios was fun (sort of) while it lasted.

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