Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: Missha HBK01 Nail Polish

Today's review is on a nail polish from Missha, a korean based company that specialises in a full range of beauty products.  I found a seller on ebay who was selling Missha and got this imported from Korea.

The bottle is in the shape of a curved heart
Kind of cute, but might be cuter if the heart wasn't clear, maybe a coloured cap would be cuter.

I really had high hopes for this polish.  In hindsight, I didn't see many swatches of this polish, and now I know why.   I really hate to say this, but I don't have one positive thing to say about this polish.  

Firstly, the size of the brush is just ridiculous. It's too big for the opening, and when you try to put it back in, it gets caught and eventually over time, that will deform the brush.  I believe the intention was to create a brush that would take one stroke to cover the entire nail, but you have to factor in that some people have narrow nails and all I got was massive nail polish runs on my cuticles.

The formula was thick and gloppy.  It dried off to be very gritty, and all the beautiful holographic & prismatic shimmer that you see on the bottle completely disappeared on the nail.  I was very disappointed in the loss of holo, since that is why I bought this.

Also, I did this manicure late last night, it took forever to dry even with my fast drying topcoat by Poshe.  Not only that, this morning I woke up to major tip wear. So there is another problem I'm having with this polish.

I really wanted to try another Missha nail polish, but now I'm really hesitant to import another one, especially if the formula is going to be like this.  Missha is a bit higher end among the Korean cosmetic brands, even my Skinfood (which was essentially half the price) wore better and was better for your money.

I am just so disappointed, this was suppose to be my solution to not having the original OPI's My Private Jet.  I guess my search for a black linear holographic nail polish continues.

The only saving grace for this nail polish is that perhaps I need a proper aqua base to make the holo shine through, but the black is just so dense that I doubt that would even help.

I don't recommend this nail polish.

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