Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiko swap haul

I love trying new brands! I mean it's really really fun for me, so when I had a chance to do this swap with a lovely MUA'er, I jumped on the chance.  Nothing was going to stop me from doing this swap lol not even the infamous Italian customs. 

I will be doing individual posts on each of these items, so watch this space.
The haul included:

* Soft Touch Blush in 05 Bright Peach
* Shimmering Eyeliner 02 (gold)
* Super Gloss in 105
* Eyeshadow in 91
* Nail Polish in #255 and #270

I'm so excited to show you all these products. I know these are mid-range priced products and easily available in Italy, but for me these are brand spanking new and hard for me to get.  So keep a look out, I'm going to "play" with these now and get back to you all about how they worked out for me.

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