Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MODELS OWN Pure Purple Nail Polish

I am in Models Own heaven today :)  I have for show-n-tell Pure Purple nail polish.  At initial glance I thought perfect name, but after swatching it, I said to myself that this is more like a moody grape haha.  It is a rich and vibrant grape purple.  Yes it's cream, and just like top turquoise it did not streak and was opaque in 1 coat.  

I like it... A LOT.  I don't know why I was so against purple before, but another nail fanatic friend of mine has shown me the way.  Purple is the way to go :) 

Look at this deep and rich goodness...

My husband teases me and says that I moved to England just for the British nail polish brands...although that is not completely true, it makes my move so much MORE FUN! 

What's your favourite nail polish colour(s) right now?

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