Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NOTD: Deborah Lippmann Lady That Sings The Blues

After Billie Holiday, this is my 2nd favourite "lady that sings the blues".  The best way that I can describe this is a deep dark blue with silver and blue microglitters with large hexagon glitter chunks suspended in it.  I don't know about Deborah Lippmann's singing career, but I sure know this lady knows how to make glitter polishes. 

This was difficult to apply due to the thick formula and large glitter chunks, but the struggle is well worth it.  It is beautiful.  It adds a very feminine touch to a masculine polish, and I love it.  Love the polish, love the name! But I don't love the price.  Coming in at a whopping £16 from House of Fraiser, it is the same pricing points as Dior, and for only £2 more you can get a Chanel nail polish, but it is worth it.

Nails look horrible, but I put this pic up because look at that sparkle in the bottle!

Thank you to my friend who sent this to me :)

What is your favourite Deborah Lippmann Polish?

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