Monday, August 8, 2011

NOTD: ULTA Fine Pruned

I don't know why but there are barely any swatches of this polish online, so for that reason, I am doing this post.   One colour that I find so chic and understated is a nice grey muted taupe.  If it has a hint of lavender/purple even better, 
and this is exactly what Ulta's Fine Pruned looks like.

 And since I'm getting super bored with just straight one colour manicures, I decided to pull out all the taupe colours that I owned and decided to do a "skittle".

L-R: Ulta Fine Pruned, Chanel Particuliere, Butter London Fash Pack, 
OPI You don't know Jacques

They aren't dupes of each other, but in the same colour family, so it works.
I hope that my photos are useful for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to the wonderful Chanel Particuliere, and for those for were looking for a swatch of Fine Pruned but couldn't find it :)

What is your favourite ULTA polish?


  1. okay, after seeing these swatches, im reaally annoyed i didnt see them before! lol.. ulta always does those 4/$10 deals, and im always at a loss of what colors to get.. but you can bet that i will be picking this up on my next ulta trip, sale or not! ps, my fave is smokescreen, which is a dupe of my fave zoya, kelly.

  2. Yes and then Ulta has those coupons too, so it can even be cheaper.
    Off to google smokescreen :p