Monday, August 1, 2011

Mean Mr Post Man

Ok so I know everyone has their own postal disaster horror story.  I particular am not keen on the postal system in any country, but Britain definitely has given me far too many headaches within these 4 months.

Today's story is how my package to the states to a friend was returned.  $16 down the drain, and now my friend has to wait until I reship.

I did however want to post this up, because the letter that I got from Royal mail listed what was prohibited to be shipped international, and because they aren't very clear about what can and can not be shipped, I wanted to list the items here so everyone who wants to do international swaps and shipping internationally knows )

So list of prohibited goods are:

* Aerosols
* alcohol
* batteries
* Lighters
* clinical and medical waste (ewww)
* drugs (no duh)
* counterfeit currency (umm duh)
* obscene or offensive material (lol, so is this like porn ??)
* lottery tickets (huh?)
* live animals (hahaha, obviously)
* magnetised material
* matches
* no paints or inks (so no pens???)
* poisonous toxic and infectious substances (yeah another obvious) one

Well my package had nail polishes and a bottle of batiste (which falls into aerosol, stupid me!) So basically thought this was pretty interesting since I didn't realise lotto tickets, paints or inks weren't allowed to be shipped.

There was also a section of restricted goods as well and it included varnishes and enamels.  First off, this restriction is suppose to be UK and international, but it's a bunch of crap, because companies use royal mail to ship nail polish ALL THE TIME.

Anyways, just a bit vexed that my package got returned since my friend has to wait, but we all live and learn. Hope this helps you all when you are shipping overseas.

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