Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OPI DS Original vs. China Glaze IDK

In theory, I thought these two polishes were identical considering they both fall in the purple holographic nail polish category, but in execution and overall appearance, they couldn't be any more different.

I was lucky to get my hands on the OPI DS Original through a lovely tpf'er during a recent nail polish exchange and IDK came through as a swap.  Both polishes are differently backup worthy and worth every penny.  Of course that's all relative since the IDK cost a ton on ebay (but what doesn't right?).

Here are my comparison photos and then I'll tell you gals why I prefer the OPI over the CG :)

yummy right?



You have no idea the struggle today in trying to capture these gorgeous scattered microglitters and linear holos.  I have not seen the sun today, and it is just a grey overcast.  Holos do not like overcast, and I didn't like having to use flash outdoors just to get a half decent picture of the many dimensions of this polish...sigh.

Taken at 1:30pm and still had to use flash outside (moaning continues lol)

Linear holos yum!

As gorgeous and as more prominent the linear holo was in the China Glaze, I did love the many dimensions of the OPI.  Without the sun, the OPI was still a gorgeous purple with these awesome micro glitters all throughout, while the China Glaze looked flat.   In the sun, watch out now, the china glaze looks like a minx sticker! 

The OPI took 3-4 thin coats, and the China glaze took 2-3.
The china glaze was not as easy to apply and dragged slightly, while the OPI gave me smooth stroke applications.

The downside to these holographic polishes are that you lose a lot of the prismatic/holo effect if you put topcoat on, so you have to wait to these dry on their own (waiting for polish to dry? never heard of such a thing! Life without Seche vite is just not cool :p)

So my verdict, get both if you can, but if not opt for the OPI :)
Unless you love rare and HTF polishes, then CG is your baby.

Hope you're all doing well today xx
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