Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chantecaille La Baleine Bleue Eyes

I never thought of myself as a makeup collector, until I started lemming after some really ridiculously priced makeup pieces.  They are almost too beautiful to use, but alas, we must. Today I wanted to show you my Chantecaille La Baleine Bleue Eye Shadow Palette.  
Are you all ready?

Images & description below taken from chantecaille.com

La Baleine Bleue
-Trio of feminine, fashion-influenced shadows
-Seasonal blues include sheer pale blue and deep blue-grey accent
-Iridescent champagne base complements highlight colors
-Specially designed compact with image of the Blue Whale and her calf

They make it look so little on their website, but I tell you, the compact is huge. 

The compact's exterior is a mirror as well, so don't mind the reflection of me in it :p

Just like the description, this is a beautiful iridescent eyeshadow trio with a very lovely image created in the palette.

You lift the trio and you get another compartment with a magnified mirror and 2 eye shadow brushes.  I prefer when companies give us these mini brushes versus the sponge tip applicators, those are such a waste.

Ok, so do I feel this is worth $95? It's very hard to say, yes I believe the quality of the shadows are so wonderful.  Super soft, and just unbelievably luxurious, but $95 is still a steep price. The only saving grace is that 5% of the proceeds of this sale does go to 

It is quite steep, but if you are an avid makeup collector, then these palettes are for you.
I love this palette, and I'm going to be quite sad when I hit pan.


  1. That palette is like a work of art!! :P

  2. It really is, and the shadows blend so well together too. I'm in love.