Sunday, August 28, 2011

E.L.F. Rundown: The Best, The Worst, and The Wishlist Products

I just wanted to share with you all some of my favourite E.L.F. products, some products I want, and also a few products that just didn't work for me.


I love these inexpensive lashes!

Although this isn't the best on the market, but it's worth more than what it cost

Another good value for your money

I would re-buy this again and again. Superb quality

I would re-buy any of these in a heart beat.


These all were complete failures for me. Some just didn't work, and others were poorly constructed.  Either way, for one reason or another, I highly advise against purchasing these.  I understand they are very cheap, but save the money :)

They are poorly constructed pieces of plastic. Save your money, and you can make your own stencils at home.

It was a horrible tweezers and barely picked any hairs

This is not a soft sponge, it is quite hard and actually hurt my eye lids

The bristles were too synthetic and just didn't evenly apply my liner

I wasn't a fan of the poorly constructed bristles

It was not nourishing at all, and the actual pen is quite hard so it's not pleasant to put on your cuticles either.  

The plastic on the tip wore down after 2 uses, and it wasn't sturdy enough to push back the cuticles.


Definitely looking for to trying these products sometime in the future.

So that's my list.
What do you love, hate, and want from E.L.F?


  1. haha I was thinking about getting the tweezers but I think I'll
    The brush I dislike the most from Elf's is the Studio stipple brush.

  2. Ahhh thats the brush i wanted lol tell me why you didnt like it hun x

  3. yeah, I noticed it was in your wishlist. I find the brush too flimsy :S I tried it with powder foundation, blush as well as liquid foundation. It doesn't pick up enough product for my liking and I find it too soft to blend evenly.
    You may like it tho, Ive read so many reviews about it and everyone seems to really like it except me. :P

  4. I also love the fake eyelashes from ELF!
    Oh, & I also like the kabuki brush very much. :)
    I really hate the white eye pencil. It is not very good to work with.