Monday, August 22, 2011

Battle of the Boots Eye Make up Removers

I have the Botanics Soothing Eye make up remover and the Boots essentials cucumber eye make up remover gel to compare today. 

 Both are inexpensive make up removers and both are manufactured by boots.   They both are 150ml, but the boots botanics line is slightly more expensive.   The botanics one costs £3.05 and the Essentials gel cost £1.42.  

* Better packaging
and basically that's about it ladies....haha
* More expensive
* Leaves an oily film

Essentials Cucumber
* Very cheap
* Very effective without leaving an oily film 

* Lacks in packaging and looks as cheap as it is 
* Gel like substance can get a little sticky (but I still prefer slightly sticky to oily)

In my opinion, after using both for quite some time now, they both get the job done in taking off makeup.  I personally don't like the oily film that the Botanics leaves.  The cucumber gel is very basic, nothing fancy about it, but it is freshly scented and it does't leave my face feeling oily.  I always have to wash my face immediately after using the botanics one, because I'm dying to get the oils off my lids.  Now some people might like this, but I personally don't.

We always equate more expensive to mean better, but this isn't always the case.  I wouldn't say that at £3.05, the Boots remover isn't worth the price, but I did this comparison for those who are timid or concerned that the £1.42 cucumber remover wouldn't be as good.

So if you are looking to save big money! Then opt for the cucumber one vs. the Botanics remover and save that money.  Then with the money you saved, head over to the Barry M or models own and blow it all away on nail polish (this is what I'd do :p)!

I will be doing a review on my favourite Eye makeup remover soon, so keep a look out for that, and don't forget to enter my blog giveaway xx

Until next time, take it ez xx


  1. I love the Botanics one - I've not tried the cucumber one but I find most eye make up removers to be very harsh on my sensitive eyes (and not as quick at removing my mascara) unless they have some sort of oil in them. I know the oily feeling is annoying but I just use a toner after and quickly sweep it over my eye area which gets rid of the oil. It is a feeling you have to get used to I guess...I'm just glad I found something which doesn't leave me in tears every time I want to remove my eye make up!xx

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  3. There are lots of eyemakeup removers that aren't oily and do take off your makeup without stinging...My favourite eye makeup removers are made by Dior and Chanel actually. I found them quite refreshing and non-oily. Give those a try, if you don't like the oily feeling either :)