Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cosmopolitan September 2011 Magazine Freebie - Free Eylure Eyelashes

I am at the post office every single day.  I wonder why they aren't nicer to me then?
The interesting difference between the states and here is that the post office is usually in a lot of news agent stores; where as, the post office (fed government ran) in the states are in their own government buildings.  It's much more fun to go to the post office here.  I especially love going through all the magazines while I'm waiting in line haha.  

This month Cosmopolitan is giving away a free eylure.
I think these lashes look quite lovely, and I am quite tempted, but I need to keep my magazine purchases to a minimum right now, so if you have the extra 3.60 laying around - go now and grab your copy :)

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