Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MODELS OWN Top Turquoise Nail Polish

There is something to say about a company that can make an one coat opaque cream polish without having it be thick and gloppy.  You guys know what I mean? It's literally impossible, but other than Illamasqua, Model's Own is the only other company that has got the formula so pat down, that with one coat, you can have an even smooth cream finish.  This is big in my books!

Today I have some special Model's Own polishes for you.  Top Turquoise is exactly what the name says.  It is not your typical light creme turquoise colour that everyone is doing this summer.  It is a bit more stronger in colour without losing it's turquoise femininity.  I don't actually like the stone, nor any other turquoise colour (even if it comes in a Tiffany's jewellery box :p), but I quite like this one, because it is very strong.  

As I said before, it was a one coat wonder, and I had no issues with drying time or streaking.  This is £5 a bottle, and you can purchase at Boots or online at their website

Also...don't forget to like their facebook page.  Once they hit 50,000 "likes", they will be sending each of us a 50% code.  I don't know about you, but this is my time to hoard all the models own polishes that I want, heck it's time to hoard the colours you don't want too xx

What is your favourite Models Own polish?

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