Thursday, August 11, 2011

My WAH Nails Experiment

I freaking love WAH Nails!  This has been my current obsession.  It's not just that I love nail art, but I like the balls that it takes to wear something so vibrant and avant garde.  WAH nails is just so fun, vibrant, energetic, and frankly just a breath of fresh air that I've been wanting in my life.  I am going to do a new project and it's going to be all about WAH Nail designs.  I'm not a licensed nail artist, but I have a sh*t ton of nail polish and even more of a desire to learn these designs.  Who knows? maybe practice does make perfect, and I can be doing this in one of their shops...but for now, I'm going to focus on learning how to self-teach myself nail design. Hell...I self-taught myself graphic hard could nail art be, right? (insert screw face) lol

Either way, I can not wait to begin this journey with you all, while I fumble and fall, and hopefully at the end, I'll be able to do all their designs.

Images taken from wahnails price list online

I don' t know which one I should start with! Maybe the roses, we'll see. Now time to get the supplies!

**This experiment has been on hold until I get the proper tools and other resources (money! lol)**


  1. I think you should try the 'funny bones' one! That look cool or maybe the bloodshot eyeball! Don't forget to show us the finished design! <3

  2. I will definitely try that eventually. Gotta start somewhere, and I also realised I need some bright and vibrant colours in my collection to pull some of these off :p