Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Dior Limited Edition Collection

This is a bit of a cheat, since I didn't technically build up this collection.  It actually came as part of this huge lot that someone I found online was selling. I got pretty lucky, because these were practically for free.  So I'm excited to show you all this, because I know there are lots of gals who love and collect these, and now I can see why.

From Left to Right

* Dior Princess Ring (eyeshadow duo)
* Golden Dior Luminizing Makeup Jewel #156 (highlighter)
* Golden Dior Luminizing Makeup Jewel #166 (highlighter)
* Dior #002 street charm bracelet (lipgloss duo)

I sort of regret now selling the one limited edition crystal ball necklace that I got with the Dior VIP program last year.  It would have been wonderful with this collection.

I don't feel the makeup that is included in these are spectacular at all (except for the Golden Dior), but of course they are fun and that will be the main allure to collecting these. 

 What do you enjoy collecting? It doesn't have to be beauty products, just in general?


  1. Bwah! I had makeup jewelry when I was a kid! The tacky plastic kind!

  2. Hey! better than the candy cigs hahahah
    although I did like those too :X