Saturday, August 6, 2011

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe Weekly Self-Tan lotion review

What in the world was I thinking? I mean seriously, the bottle said "Dark" for christ sakes, and yet I exfoliated my legs, and proceeded to apply this to my lower body, might I add, my pale ghost-like lower body.  Well the results were a disaster, and irregardless of all my efforts to exfoliate so that the self tanner will apply evener, my legs are a splotchy mess now. Sigh. 
Luckily it has been drizzle and gloomy here so I haven't had the need to show off my stumps.

Well I am not a tanning expert, but I have read numerous "do's and don'ts" when it comes to self-tanning, and I follow them religiously, yet I still end up with some bits that are darker than others.  At 31, I think I just need to embrace my porcelain pale skin and give up my dreams of becoming a golden goddess.

So what do I think of this product?
It smells much better than the numerous other self-tanners that I have used. It has a pleasant caramel scent; however, it doesn't last like that forever, after the 2nd hour, it did start smelling like most of the self-tanners out there.

The texture was very smooth, almost gel-like and easy to apply.

I think my issue was that I shouldn't have tried this product out, especially since it said dark, maybe starting off gradually would have been better, but irregardless, the lotion still did not apply evenly on my skin like all the previous self-tanners.  So I am writing off self-tanners from my books, and just leaving it up to mother nature to bronze me up (of course while wearing plenty of spf).

But for those brave enough, this is what the culprit looks like.

I guess I'm just not a believer in fake tans.  I know there is a huge market out there, and I'm not trying to knock anyone who does this, but I lived in Miami for 2 years where the people are gorgeous and golden bronze naturally, and believe me, there is no self-tanner out there that can replicate that...seriously.  Xen-tan said these products will give you a natural glow and tan.  Well sadly, I didn't see that by looking down at my legs, nor the women featured on their website. I guess I'm just not a believer in this stuff at all, and after the horrible mess this left on my legs, I don't think I'll ever give these products another go.

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