Saturday, August 6, 2011

NARS Tokaido Express vs. Ciate's Wait Until Dark

This was completely unintentional, but like I said, I must be a creature of habit after all.  I recently won the Nars for £4 (including p&p) off of ebay.  I know! Bargain! So that arrived on friday morning, and then of course I went out to get the free Ciate polish with this month's Marie Claire magazine.  Oh total side note, but this months Marie Claire totally bored me senseless.  I can't put my finger on it, but it really did.  Anyways... in the bottle they look nothing alike, besides that they both have a deep purple base.

See nothing alike, but I still swatched it anyways because I wanted to see how similiar they were.  Well....let's play a game.
Let's see who can tell which finger has the Nars on and Ciate on it?

any guesses yet?

Well if you guessed the middle finger has the Nars polish aplied on it, then you deserve the title of Queen of nail polish! Because I honestly could not see the difference between these two once they were applied on my nails.  

Both polish applied beautifully and left a beautiful rich deep purple shimmer on my nails with the tiniest micro-glitter flecks of gold submerged deep within it.  
Gorgeous polishes, and honestly I am now so happy that they are dupes, this way I can talk myself out of buying a backup :p

Have you gotten your free Ciate this month?
Who absolutely adores their tokaido express?


  1. Wow, they look very dupey. I picked up the nude Ciate because I was worried the purple was the same as some of my existing Ciates. But looks like it's an exclusive colour...

  2. Oh the purple is stunning. I would highly recommend getting it!

  3. omggg that color is amazing!! i surprisingly dont really have any purples, except for some jewel toned ones like BL HRH, but i feel like i need to make an exception for this shade. and that is a great dupe as well! i am soo J of the cool uk mag freebies lol.. i wasnt feeling this months marie claire either, but i didnt get any nice freebies to tide me over.. lol!

  4. I'm getting more and more into purples. I got my eye set on Nars Purple Rain :)