Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TK Maxx STILA Clearance

Tk Maxx is TJ Maxx in the states and funny enough, they are all the same.
Even across the Atlantic, people leave the beauty aisles in a big mess. What is wrong with people? Why do they do that at TJ/TK Maxx. It's so annoying.
Well, thanks to those who do that, my Stila set was inside of a plastic case that only the sales people could unlock. I couldn't really see the colors in the set, but I figured for only 5 pounds that I should take this gamble, and I'm glad I did.

I made out with:
1. Stila - oil free sheer color tined moisturizer spf 30 in medium 01
2. Stila - eye shadow in nanda devil (refill pan)
3. Stila - Shine lip color spf 20 in sonia

The tinted moisturizer is a bit warmer for me than usual, but in the summer it will work. I was skeptical with this, because I didn't think that it would give me enough coverage, but surprisingly it did even out some of my discoloration issues, so that was a big surprise and I quite like this and will keep it in my collection.

The lip color does look bold and bright at first, but when I lightly swatched it on my arm, it was definitely sheer. That makes it doable for day time in my book. The smell is ok, it reminds me of chapstick a bit, but at least it's still fresh considering I got it on clearance :)

The only disappointment is the eyeshadow for me. Lately, I just can't do matte eyeshadow. I have no idea why, I get so bored of matte eyeshadows and so this one will be put in my swap/sale page on my blog. Stila does make their products to be natural and therefore, I can see why the application of these products are sheer. I guess right now in my life, I want bold and bang for the bucks which equates to major color pay off.

Overall, for 5 pounds, I had fun swatching and grabbing 3 Stila items for such a bargain price.
Not all products work out for me, but oh well...that's life. I think this range and these products are great for those who don't like to look like they have makeup on, but do have have it on....if that makes any sense.

So moral of the story is.....don't hesitate to go to the ugly TK/TJ Maxx beauty section, because you never know what you may find :)


  1. I wish my local TJ/Marshalls had better selection, about year ago it felt like you could walk in and find anything (Philosophy, Stila, Nars, EL, etc) and it wasn't far as trashy as it is now.

    A year later, the aisles look like crap, most of the stuff is tested on, the selection isn't as nice and I rarely see anything worth buying now. Heck, I've been buying more from Ross in the health & Beauty than TJ or Marshalls!

  2. It really is ashame how TJ Maxx looks. They should really do something about that, because I can count how many times I wanted to buy something but the item was missing from it, or the item exploded. It's so disgusting. Luckily this Stila set was in a locked case.

    Sadly, there is no Marshalls or Ross in the UK, just TK Maxx :(