Monday, April 4, 2011

NARS Limited Edition Bento Box

I wasn't quite sure if this item should be on my blog, considering it was obtained at full price (GASP!), but it was a gift and I wanted to show the generosity of my friend and also show you this wonderful masterpiece currently being sold by NARS.

I have used Nars makeup and although they are quite nice, I realized that as my purse strings are getting tighter and tighter that I could no longer afford Nars. It is also hard to get Nars now on ebay, because there are many fakes out there and the real ones have bids that are very close to retail prices so it wouldn't be worth it for me.

However......I am not saying that Nars is not worth the price points they are asking for, in fact, if I had $125, it WOULD be spent on this box.

Big thank you to my friend who sent this to me. I think that any of the girls I chat with online know that I have been drooling over this Bento box for months. I was obsessing very hard. I even showed it to my DH, who then saw the price on it and walked away laughing hahaha.

I remember thinking to myself that it is a limited edition and it looked gorgeous. It is one of those staple pieces that would complete any vanity top, so I rushed to Neiman Marcus and purchased it for $125, only to return it a week later because I felt very guilty for not only spending $125, but for paying full retail for it. I told you ladies that I refuse to pay for anything full price. It is just something that has been drilled into my head as a child. I remember as a child/teen that a bottle of 99 cent shampoo (50p shampoo) was the most that my parents would ever spend on me, so if I wanted anything else (i.e. conditioner, body wash (not soap), razor, shaving cream, etc, etc) I would have to pay for it with my small earnings, hence why I started working at 12 years old. But it also taught me to look for things I wanted either cheaper or obtain a dupe for it.

Anyways, back onto topic.
Drum roll please........(drddrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr)


**Updated photos***

Some of you might be saying, what the heck is this?
Well it's essentially 2 lipcolors that were poured into a ceramic bowl that can be applied to your lips using a lipbrush...

for others, this is far more than that. The bento box is influenced by Japanese kabuki makeup. NARS has done an excellent job. The dark wood box is definitely a keepsake. It's minimalist elegance is exactly my style to a default. I love how it opens up to 2 sleek modern ceramic bowls, and I can't say enough about the lipbrush. I honestly looked at my Dior lip brush and apologized to it, since I wouldn't be ever using it ever again.

The bright fuschia and bright red lip sticks are definitely cool-toned for those of you who are curious. I have to get a better picture for you guys in the direct sunlight, since the colors from the pictures are slightly duller than they are in real life.

This is not for the shy or weak hearted, they are very bold and you will get stared at.
I wore the bright pink during the day and I have yet to wear the bold red. I plan to do that next time i'm wearing polka dots, or when I go out at night.

I want to take a second to talk about the texture of the lip colors, especially since you are paying for that as well. They are extremely smooth and moisturizing. The brush only picks up a tiny amount of the color and I thought to myself, surely this will only last for one stroke, but the consistency of this lip color is so unique and it spread my entire bottom lip. A little goes a long way. I felt so relieved of that, because there doesn't appear to be a lot of product since it looks lightly poured into tis ceramic bowl, but it really doesn't take much at all.

NARS lipsticks and lippies has a shorter shelf life than some other brands that I have tried. I have had this bento box for a few weeks now, so I can't talk about how long it will last, but I noticed a difference in scent. Perhaps whatever scent/oil that they use in their lipsticks and lip glosses makes them turn fast, but that scent is not found in the bento box lippies. In fact, they are completely odorless, which I'm not use too and I actually like.

I don't know what else to say, but that everyone that I speak to adore this box, and at only 1000 made, I highly recommend purchasing this IF you have the funds for it. I have yet to see this online at ebay usa for less than retail, and most likely you will not find it for less. I have searched ebay uk and there are NONE for sale, so this is definitely a rare piece.
I know this goes against my motto, because I am essentially promoting purchasing this at full price,'s my tip. Call the department stores and locate one, and then when you find one, try to get it around beauty events so that you can get some free gifts. This is what I did when I got the Bento box at NM. At least that will soften the blow a bit. Just don't pay full retail for it and walk out with just that, that would hurt me deeply lol.

So if you have a birthday coming up, or any other reason to gift a gift or receive a luxury gift, this is definitely definitely definitely a piece to consider.


  1. OMG! You got it!! CONGRATS! It's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I know YAYA! It is stunning, gorgeous, elegant, just absolutely brought so much class and style to my "vanity"

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