Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Blues

Allergies, check!
Camera malfunctioning again, check!
Checked bank account and depressed, check!
Annoyed with friends, check!

Ahhh the Monday blues. Technically I'm not allowed to use this statement since I left my office job so there shouldn't be anymore Monday blues, but it's still is a melancholy Monday for moi.

Project 10 pan is going well, I'm almost done 1 product, had to substitute one of my items, because I gave it away. Overall, I'm really showing some self discipline.

I have no photos due to my sucky camera yet again, so I will just ramble :)

Here are some things that I found that I bookmarked.

Click here for Sparitual polishes for only 2.95 pounds (makes it about $5 for us heads). The colors are limited, but I know it's a hard polish to get at this price range, so grab it if you aren't on a ban.

ASOS is having their up to 70% sale. So tempted, help!!

I found this amazing designer, Ella Lai on Etsy I will be sending this designer my measurements to custom make some of her designs.

Here are some of my favorite pieces by her.

Love her minimalist adgy style!

And of course I stare and drool at the Alexander Wang rocco bag everyday, but what else is new.

So that's what I've been looking at online.

Until next time! xx

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