Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow, Color Intense Trio, free Nail Polish

I'm such a nerd. Right now, my favorite shop is Boots. I really enjoy looking in there, because there are so many products in there that I have never seen in my life.
Collection 2000 is one of these new brands to me. It looked and is around the price range of other drugstore brands and since they were running a promotion, I figured...why not? This is the time to buy.

If you spend 4 pounds or more on any Collection 2000 products, you get a free nail varnish. So I got:

1. Moasaic Glow 6 (2.99)
2. Color Intense Trio in Steel Ice (1.99)
3. Hot Looks varnish in Parma Violets

so I ended up not getting exactly 4 pounds worth, but I wanted to see if their eyeshadows were any good so I spent the extra 1 pound....bank breaking right? lol

Well, it feels like it honestly, because the eyeshadow was utter rubbish.

The only color that gave me any pay off was the middle color and even with that I had to run my fingers 3 times onto the shadow to pick it up.
I'm really disappointed in how hard and little color I got from this trio. Total waste of my 1.99, thank god it wasn't anymore.

However, the haul was not all a bust.
The shimmering face powder and nail varnish was wonderful!!

The shimmering face powder at 2.99 is a great bargain. Really!
It gives a great subtle bronzing glow without making me look orange and it really is great. It is just the same quality as my Physicians Formula Happy Booster that retails for $12.99. I love it, it's here to stay.

Last but not least....my freebie.
woot! woot!
Like I said before, Free is my favorite 4 letter F word :p
I picked this violet color, because it leaned closer to blue than purple and it reminded me of Chanel vendetta, so I grabbed this over the other bright neon colors.

The polish provided 1 coat opaque application and that wins in my book!

So 4 pounds spent and 2 out of 3 products are staying with me.
Not too shabby for a quick trip to Boots :)


  1. Polish almost looks gelly'ish. Those booster things don't do much for me, i'm far to fair to pull it off.

  2. which booster did you end up getting?
    I know they have a transculent one, try that one instead of the bronzer.
    I am fair too, I usually layer a pink to even out the bronzers so I don't look like I wiped dirt onto my cheeks :)