Monday, April 25, 2011

NOTD: Models Own Purple Pearl & Nubar 2010

Happy Easter Monday everyone, that's of course if you celebrate, if not...Happy day off of work :)

I am pretty much fed up with easter duties and decided to be antisocial and paint my nails and blog instead.  Definitely getting use to this immobility of not having a car and being at the mercy of the local transportation schedule. I guess even bus drivers need a day off too :)
So what do I do when I have nothing else to do? Paint my nails! #1 hobby right now for me.


(weird angling, ewww my finger looks crooked LOL)

(This is me imitating KathyRose :p, although I didn't do it as well as she does it lol)

I tried to get different angles, because the Nubar 2010 is very iridescent and depending on angle it changes from pink, orange, green, yellow, etc. etc. so it really created some multi dimension on top of the Models Own Purple Pearl.

I was highly impressed with the Models Own application.  This is my first and won't be my last. I didn't particularly pick this color because I liked it a lot, I picked it because it was in the 2 pound bin lol So I wanted to get it to test how the formula was and how it applied. It was very smooth, and honestly for a 5 pound nail polish, it is well worth it. I have no complaints about Models Own at all, and utterly excited to nab some other colors on sale! Come on Models Own, bring back that 50% off sale!

This is also my first and only Nubar in my collection.  I got this for a little over $2 on ebay US using my ebay bucks, so after hearing some good reviews on TPF (The Purse Forum) about how the flakies were brillant, I decided to grab it off ebay before I moved to England.  The finish is smooth and the flakies did not add any bumpiness to the polish.  I applied about 3 thin layers of Nubar and that's all it took to completely cover my nail.
This top coat really jazzes up your nail and since the base is clear, it won't interfere with your base coat.

So fun!
Love how little things amuse me now :)


  1. I just got on the flakie bandwagon really and it's tons of fun!!!