Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project 10 Pan Update

Is anyone else doing this and is tortured????

I couldn't control myself, I went into town yesterday (lovely sunny day - a rare thing here) to pick up some free things and I wanted to shop so badly.  They were all just right there, saying pick me pick me!!! But I was strong and stuck to my word and came back with just my freebies.  I'm making my way very well through my project 10 pan items.

Here's my update:

1. Befine Gentle Cleanser - only 10% used
2. Befine skin balm (it's inside the lemon) - 60% used
3. Lush face mask in Love Lettuce
4. Qtica intense lip repair balm - 80% used
5. Befine daily moisturizer (20% used) & Befine Firming Toner
6. Murad Acne treatment concealer - 80% used
7. Mac Slimshine lipstick in Bare - 80% used
8. Dior Bronze Collagen active spr 10 lipgloss - can't tell 
9. Chanel eyeshadow in Fusion - 40% used
10. Kiehls White brightening botanical hydrating mask

only 2.5 items down. 
I'm going to grab another freebie on May 5th, that's far too long!!! I hope to be several products down by then.

I didn't think it would be this hard to be honest lol

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