Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Ebay Haul: Revlon, Barry M, YSL Nail polishes

Ebay UK Rocks!
That's all I have to say lol

I got a great ebay haul for you all. 2.20 pounds was the winning bid on my polish haul.

I'll just jump right into it...

From Left to Right
1. Revlon - Coffee Bean
2. Revlon - Moonlit Mauve
3. Revlon - Animal Instinct
4. Revlon - Plum Night
5. YSL La Laque 20
6. YSL La Laque 42
7. Barry M - Red Black

I am currently rocking a new mani so I didn't want to take it off to do these swatches, so I got them down for you on paper. I guess this is why a lot of girls purchase nail wheels. hmmm...perhaps I'm at that stage now??? (I love how I just justify purchasing more nail related products).

Ugh My camera sucks. Here are the swatches, they all came out a bit dark...sorry!!
I think I'm going to go on the Project 10 pan project so curb my spending and actually invest in a camera.

I don't know any YSL polishes. Well I did once but I sold it (dumb me!) so I am happy to have YSL back into my collection and another Barry M, YAY!
I think Revlon is the least exciting for me. I think it's has to do with their bottles honestly. I think they are outdated and just awkward shape. I wish they would do something new and innovative considering how big they are and how much money they make, I think they would do with a revamping.

My favorite in this collection is the YSL 42. It is a nice dusty rose color. I already have an outfit in mind to go with this polish. Spring is definitely in the air and I think for a day I can walk away from the vampy/blue/grey/black shades (my fav!).

Has anyone else found good deals on ebay uk? or ebay. Don't you just love it. It truly is a testimony to how one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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