Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NOTD: OPI London Bridge is falling brown

My laziness has come to an all time high this week. Sleeping in late, drinking coffee and smoking (I know I'm trying to quit) in an english garden, watching my doggie sniff the garden that he's sniffed a million times, listening to the birds chirping away and ultimately enjoying a wonder pleasant day of still not working.

It has been months since I've worked and although I do enjoy the downtime, I am getting a bit restless. I'm going to try to blog as much as possible when I don't have a day job. Perhaps I'll never go back to a day job, maybe I'll just forever be a nomad and do odd jobs here and there. Or maybe, I'll finally start my dj booking agency that I have been pondering about for over a year now. hmmm...in the meantime, I shall swatch and blog lol.

I think I spent 2 full days playing and testing all the products from my friend's gift package.
The first color I tried was OPI London Bridge is falling down.
I love the name, those opi clever names always get me. I wasn't quite sure about the color, but it was fantastic. It ended up as this "vintagy" brown/red that I have never worn on my nails before. I imagine this to be gorgeous with a trench coat and tall brown boot type of outfit (which isn't me, but still gorgeous).

I am still on my iphone ladies and gents, so the picture is not high quality, but you can an idea what this polish looks like from indoor and outdoor.

I think it is subtle and quite unique. I don't think that I would have purchased this if I just saw it in the store, but the application was smooth, the formula was great as per OPI usual greatness, and it was opaque, so 2 layers will give you a solid color. Oh, and great finish too, this is without any topcoat.

I like it, and I thank my friend for sending this to me!

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