Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freebie Haul: Nails Inc Caramel & Murad Essential-C Daily Cleanser

Freebie Alert!
For americans, getting free stuff with magazines just doesn't exist, so that is one thing that I am absolutely enjoying.

I got a free Murad Daily Cleanser with the latest Instyle magazine.  It's huge, it's not a deluxe sample size either, it's a 2.0 fl oz/60 ml size cleanser. I couldn't believe it. I remember shelling out big bucks to purchase Murad at Sephora and Ulta and I got it for free with my monthly magazine, so it's quite a deal for me.

Then I grabbed a diet coke, because I was dying of thrist from walking around town.
It was a gorgeous 73 degrees yesterday and quite hot.  This is a girl who months ago lived in Miami where 73 was the typical weather for the winter seasons.  So my body has definitely adapted to English weather ha! Anyhoo, with a free diet coke you get a bottle of Nails Inc polish in Caramel. It's a perfect nude color for me and definitely perfect for mannequin hands.  So I got the Nails Inc bottle :)  Actually I read on the bottle that it is free with 2 bottles, but luckily the cashier didn't read it close enough and I got it with just 1 bottle. Lucky me!

Here they are...

They Valued the Murad at 10 pounds value and the Nails Inc at 11 pounds.

21 pounds = $35+
Not bad for this American girl! lol

I'll be returning to Boots on May 5th to grab another full size Nails Inc bottle with the next Instyle magazine!!


  1. Freebies = good!

  2. Exactly girl! Good to see you here. Haven't seen you around. Hope all is well :)