Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Love is an understatement, perhaps obsessed is a better word right now.
I have this dream that one day I'll win the lotto and can have an all Alexander Wang wardrobe. I don't think I felt this way about a designer before. Although, I don't technically own anything by Alexander wang other than some T By Alexander Wang tops and dress that I got during his sale, I regret not purchasing more from this NY designer before I left the states.

I am putting some money away slowly (pound here and there) that one day I can afford the Rocco bag. I'm hoping that the hype around these bags can die down, so that I can score one at a good price, but I doubt it.

But....I fell in love today with one of his shoes from this season. I'll be waiting a few months before I try to nab these at a sale price.

Behold, the noemi combat boots, currently $685...yeah, I definitely have to wait until these go on sale, and they usually do.

Last week, I missed out on the Jodi bag on ebay by 2.50 cents. Can you believe it!!?!?!?! ugh, I hate losing auctions, especially by that little.

So my Wang obsession continues...

What's your favorite Wang piece? or piece that you are lemming for?

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