Saturday, April 16, 2011

Essie Big Spendor & Barry M Silver Cascade

I am slowly making it through all my untried polishes and I thought that these two would go well together, but it didn't LOL.
The base of Barry M Silver Cascade is actually a pink fuchsia color, so I thought that it would blend well with Essie's Big Spendor.

Big Spendor was gorgeous on it's own. I loved the playful glossy magenta color and honestly I should have left it at that.

With the first application of Silver Cascade, it was a huge glitter bomb just splattered all over my fingernails. don't get me wrong, I absolustely love glitter, but I was disappointed that the silver glitter overpowered all the other glitters. You could no longer see Big Spendor through all the glitter. Silver Cascade is a one coater and not meant for the shy. Next time I'll do a glitter tip, but honestly I can't handle the whole nail being this color.

Silver Cascade was also extremely hard to take off and it wasn't due to the glitter not budging, it had to do with the micro glitters sticking to the skin and not coming off. Quite annoying really. Even acetone was no match for this.

But I could see silver cascade being a huge hit at night and a perfect New years even manicure, i just couldn't handle it on a thursday morning when I was expecting a different finish to this.

Here is the blinding effect of the massive amounts of silver glitter that was in this polish

I'm going to try this on a naked nail and see if the pink polish peeks through on Silver Cascade.

The cost:
Essie Big Spendor - free for me, retail anywhere from 6 pounds and up
Barry M Silver Cascade - 1.99 pound, retail is 2.99 or 2.50 at boots when you buy 2.

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