Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas Gift to Myself - Ray ban Sunglasses Orb 4151

I have a love hate relationship with sunglasses.  I have a flat face, with absolutely little nose bridge, so buying sunglasses is as torturous as trying to fit into my jeans from high school.  When I find a pair that looks good on me, I have to buy it, and this is exactly what happened during my cruise.  

I bought a pair by Juicy couture in 2007.  Yes it was gaudy as it said "JUICY" in rhinestone on the side.  Some might have liked my last pair as it was "blingtastic", but truthfully I just covered the side with my hair, and dealt with it, because it had a high nose bridge and didn't sit on my cheeks.  This is the struggle that I have had with sunglasses, and honestly nothing could be done about it unless I had plastic surgery.

So when my sunglasses were stepped on during my cruise. I had no choice but to find another pair (or at least that's my excuse for now :p).

Thank god for duty free shopping on the boat.  I found these sunglasses, and I instantly knew this was my next pair.

These are actually men's glasses, but as I said my face is flat and round (did I mention round too?...sigh), so bigger glasses actually suit me best.  So I have to go more for the rectangular/boxy look over the traditional rounded Ray bans (which I actually love too).

The protective case was quite sturdy for a just a leather case.
Also came with a care booklet, and a cloth

Love the markings on the glasses

This specific pair is called Ray Ban Orb 4151 in black rubber.

I absolutely love the rubber texture, it makes them look more expensive actually then regular plastic frames that majority of the glasses are made from.

They are also not only fashionable, but practical. The lenses are much blacker in real life, and really shielded the sunlight.  They were so useful when I was up on the top deck of the cruise boat soaking up some rays.

I actually have to blame my sister in law who was rocking a pair of Ray Bans during the trip, and I just kept oooohing and aaaahing at them.  So I figured that I would treat myself this Christmas to a pair of sunglasses :)

If you like these too, you can get them anywhere from $115-$180 online.  I'm sure if you're smart about it, you can get them during some sort of sale or with a voucher to make it cheaper. 

Sometimes you have to treat yourself right? Eck....I think I totally blew my budget with this purchase haha!

What have you bought yourself for the upcoming holidays?

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