Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Hair Conditioner Review

Hi lovely people! Hope you're having a great Thursday.  Just a reminder, I will be gone starting tomorrow on my holiday trip, so this blog will be idle for a little bit.  I hope you take some time to check out my past posts, Christmas giveaway, and my tiny blog sale (more to come soon I promise!).

Anyways, let me begin...
Today's review is an unfortunate one, because it is a brand that I absolutely adore.  I love the packaging, the quality, and most of all the creativity behind Jo Malone fragrances.  So naturally, I ventured out to their other products.  Well that was a bit of a giant fail for me.

Meet the Culprit.
She is Jo Malone's Basil & Mandarin Hair Conditioner, as you already know from the title.
Weighing in at 250ml and costing £18! 

Other than the wonderful scent of this product, my positive points ends there.
This left my hair feeling very coarse and dry.  I have never had a hair conditioner ever do that to me, not even the 99p/99 cent drugstore/chemist products.  So I was highly disappointed as I really loved the scent, and really wanted to love this product because it was Jo Malone.

If you are a Jo Malone lover, stick with the fragrances and candles.  I really don't recommend this product at all, as I feel the conditioning qualities was pretty poor.  I hope Jo Malone returns back to the drawing board for this conditioner, and adds more moisturizing properties to it.

At £18 a bottle, this is an expensive mistake, but we live and learn don't we? 

Until next time xx

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  1. That's a bummer. Can you still return it? It's a pretty expensive conditioner to never use again.