Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wrapping up gifts for under £1 & How to wrap a gift tutorial

This year I had to skimp pennies where I could.  I am a huge person for packaging, but I decided to save money on packaging, and focus more on the gift as my funds were a bit limited. 
I use to also have a pretty nice collection of wrapping paper, ribbons, and scrap booking embellishments to make pretty packaging, but of course had to unload all them before moving here.
So I do miss it, but I decided to share what I did this holiday season to wrap every one's gifts for literally under £1 (actually 64p to be exact)!

First let me show you how I wrapped up my own pressies. OK I know I'm a freaking nerd, but this helped me to not use my Christmas gifts before Christmas.

Will reveal contents on Christmas day

The materials I used:
Brown packaging paper that I had laying around
Holographic ribbon and mini bows 50p for a large set from the Card Factory

The silver wrapping paper was just an old birthday wrapping paper that I had just inside out :)

Now as far as wrapping other people's presents.  I will do a quick tutorial and overview on how I wrapped up my father in law's Christmas pressie for LESS than 14p!
(luckily he won't see my blog so he doesn't know what I'll be getting him haha)

This is actually going to be a step to step tutorial on how to wrap pressies.
A lot of people tell me that they are horrible wrappers, but maybe they just weren't shown.
Here is an easy step to step tutorial on wrapping gifts.

First, you need:
1. wrapping paper (obviously)
2. Scissors
3. Clear tape

Next, Place item on the wrapping paper and make sure that each end has about and inch to 2 inch left so you can fold the ends.

Oh and this gift wrap cost 14p at Asda :)

Now once you guessed about how much paper you need, cut around it.  
You don't need the whole strip, 

Now just take the long end and fold the paper over your gift and tape it down.

See don't worry about getting a perfect edge, just fold it to create a straight edge like this...

Then Tape it down to secure it

Now we have to fold the ends.
This is the part that a lot of people have trouble doing, but it's easy peasy.

Fold the paper down like this...

Then slightly tuck down one side

and fold the ends as such to create an even edge

Then basically secure down with tape

Do this to both sides and you are done!
Super easy right?

Now that was the simple part.
So next I wanted to embellish the gift up to make it more festive.

And this is my end result.

So I basically made a bow out of the same wrapping paper
(If you want a tutorial of that, please comment below)

I took an old Christmas card laying around and cut out the photo, and outlined the photo with the same ribbon that I used to wrap my Christmas gift with on the first photo.

Cost me less than 14p to wrap, because I have plenty of paper left. Now that's called saving money :)

So if you have any left over cards laying around, start being creative.
You don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on gift bags and tissue paper, you can save loads of money by DIY at home and getting creative.

Hope this helps with your upcoming Christmas wrapping :)

8 more days to Christmas! YAHOO!