Thursday, December 15, 2011

A mini haul and great cheap finds

I had to go into town for an errand, so I popped into my usual shops.  I spent a total of £2.25 and came home with some really awesome finds!

Topman Ring - £1
Revlon nail polish in Galaxy - £1
Lavender cuticle remover - 25p

Galaxy looks so gorgeous!

I'm so glad to have picked this up at Poundland.
They didn't have another one, otherwise I would have picked up several as gifts.

I love these rings from Topman.
They are just so unique, and despite being slightly big, I am still going to rock them!

So not too bad for £2.25 right?
Don't shy away from Topman or Poundland ladies, there are some cheap gems to be found :)

I'll be doing a manicure with Galaxy tonight, and hopefully will have a NOTD post tomorrow for you all.  Also, there is 4 hours left of my Christmas blog giveaway, so please enter if you are in the UK.

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