Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Huge Thank you and a Happy New Year!

A huge part of blogging that I enjoy is interacting with women all over the world.  There is nothing like zoning out after a stressful day, and chit chatting about carefree topics like beauty products, fashion, dogs, or whatever.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side. I know I'm not alone in this department, and many have dealt with some petty drama along the way.  I guess sometimes we (as women) can be very harsh with each other.  I always say that I want to stay out of drama, but in this little small beauty/nail polish community/tpf/mua/blogging world of ours, sometimes drama just presents itself.  So in hopes to a healthy and drama free 2012, I just want to apologize to anyone who I may have offended along the way.  I'm not that naive to think that I'm perfect, nor that my "frenimes" don't check my blog often.  So this really is my attempt at squashing beef.  In return, I have also forgiven people for insulting or offending me as well.  Time to start fresh and move on.

Having said that, 2011 has been a monumental year for me.  I've quick my well paying job to venture into a new country with my husband and pup and have struggled to continue our business and even start my own small business.  It has been challenging, discouraging, and I think I moan more than I say thanks to those around me who have put up with my whining.

So......the whole point of this post is to THANK and genuinely THANK those who have ever lent me a listening ear (even if we are not friends now) so that I could vent, and for entertaining me by discussing things related to beauty, nails, fashion, what have you.  Your conversations have educated me enough to start this blog and to fill it up with content.  I'm thankful that because of our conversations, I have been able to (at one point or another) put my real life on hold and relax and have a mental break!  Also, wanted to thank those wonderful ladies who were generous to me with their RAOK packages this year. This blog would be an empty shell without the abundance of products that I have been given. 
You ladies know who you are, and I just really wanted to send a big THANK YOU!!!!

Also, I couldn't finish without saying thank you to all my old and new followers.  You guys are the reason that I blog despite having dealt with some nasty drama, so thank you for giving me motivation everyday to continue with this blog!

I'm off to take my luxurious bath, give myself a much needed facial, polish my nails and drink the night away with my guy.

See you guys next year! xoxo