Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Look Into My Holiday Makeup Bag

I had to pack a small makeup bag to cover me for 9 days. I really wanted to bring my entire vanity counter, but obviously I couldn't, so I had to really sit down and think about which products were transitional from day to night.

My bags were already super heavy, and I planned to bring carry on instead of checking in my bags.  I shuttered at the thought that I would be left without my bags during my cruise, so check in was the only option to me.

So this is what I brought with me.  I decided to keep my face and lips simple and basic, and basically just change my eye makeup to give myself several different looks.

MAC 15 Slot Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Initially I was going to bring with me just a Dior palette, but I couldn't commit to only 4 eye shadows, so I decided on bringing my MAC pro palette. I'm so sorry that I won't be able to tell you which colours are in this palette. I didn't transfer over the eyeshadow labels when I depotted them (I know super lazy of me :/). This palette was the lightest of all my palettes, and I had a lot of neutrals and dark colours to give myself the day time and night time looks that I needed

Chanel Glossimer #96
This was a perfect neutral/pinky glossy lips that went with my day-time and night-time look

Garnier BB Cream in Medium & 
Bare Escentuals' Bare Mineral in Medium Beige

The Garnier gave me just enough coverage to even out my skin tone during the day.
Pleasingly, this bb cream also lasted even when I went into the pool and on the beach. It also has sunscreen in it, so it helped shield me from the strong Caribbean sun too. It also works as a primer, so I didn't have to bring a primer with me, which helped a lot with lightening up my makeup bag.

I used the bare minerals in the evening on top of the B.B Cream in order to give myself a more polished and finished look.  It also has a bit of shimmer built into it, so it didn't mattify my healthy sun glow, but still evened out my discolored skin tone. 

I did depot my minerals into a smaller pot to save on space.  A little goes a long way with this powder foundation, so it didn't take up a lot of space :). 

Dior Bronze 002 Sunset Fiesta

 I had the hardest time choosing which blush/highlighter to bring with me.
I finally decided on this Dior palette, because it could be used individually or on it's own.

The brush wasn't very helpful, but it did it's job.
I wanted to accentuate my sun kissed cheeks, so this colour was absolutely perfect.

Also, I did bring with me a Lorac black liquid eyeliner, but it didn't make it back with me.
ugh.  It was my favourite liquid liner, because of the brush too.  I'm going to have to hunt for another one soon. :/

Also as for skincare and haircare products, I actually brought with me a bag of samples :)
They have to be used someday right? It was super light, and at the end of my trip, I had space in my bag :)

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