Monday, March 7, 2011


Where was I 2 years ago when this skull scarf came out? Let's see that would be March 2009, I was in Miami, probably highly annoyed and frustrated with my job and completely immersed myself into a sea of nail varnish... dammit...can't believe I missed out on this scarf.

I need it.
I must have it.
It would go so well with everything I own.
But it's sold out everywhere.

So if you find one (even on ebay) and link me, I will send you a nice big beauty goodie package. Full of love and high end items. No joke! So shoppers, start your engines! Help me please find this item.

And if my attempt fails to find this item. I want to make one. All I need is some black fabric, black leather and 2 skulls with holes running through the top (oh that should be easy right? sigh).

Here's what the scarf looks like..


  1. Arianna CavalloMay 4, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    Hello, are you still looking for this scarf?

    You can find it here! I'm going to buy it as well from Asos, let me know if you find it. And let me know about the goodie bag!
    My email is

  2. Hi there - It's been sold out on asos for years now. I am looking for a place that sells it currently. If you find a place that has it in stock and is exactly like the one above, then I am offering the goodie bag. Thanks!

  3. look here:

  4. Thanks, the one I want with the 2 skulls is sold out.