Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My first Paul & Joe and Illmasqua Haul

Beautiful day again today. Sure the sun isn't out much, but the air is still, the light drizzle is calming my nerves and I have a reveal for you all today.

When I asked some of my british girlfriends where they shop the most, I was told Asos. Strange name, but I wandered over there. Glad I did. Their sale section was amazing.

This is my group shot..

Paul & Joe gift set on the left and an Illmasqua gift set on the right.

Paul & Joe cost $14 and although I loved their bottles, I was never too keen on their colors. Yes their colors are cute and adorable, but I don't find myself to be a cute & adorable type of gal, so I always passed.

Well this set was chock full of glitters

and it came with a Paul & Joe floral makeup bag, floral nail file, and 2 polishes
(sorry I didn't take a picture of the bag, it's actually going to be part of my giveaway so I wanted to keep this beauty a secret)

I loved the cardboard box that the polishes came in, because it was made of high quality cardboard and frankly I'm a sucker for lil' cute things deep down inside. lol.

So each polish is $14 USD, and here it's probably 14 pounds. I got this set for 9.50 pounds.

Then to further my good deal,
I managed to score an Illmasqua set as well.

Welcome to the family Scarab and Viridian.
At $14 USD, I never plunged into the world of Illmasqua. I always wanted too ever since my online friend bluejinx got a hold of Scarab and raved about it.
Well Asos had these 2 as part of a set and a nice sturdy giftbag on sale for 10.50 pounds. So I added this to my cart with a quickness.

Asos also had a coupon floating around for 5 off 20, so with that coupon and free shipping, I was able to nab both sets for 15 quid! Who said everything in England had to be expensive :)

Oh, and you're probably wondering why there is only a swatch of viridian and not scarab. Well, I'm sorry folks but as I was swatching viridian, a huge dollop of polish landed onto my mother in laws blanket!!! eck!!! so I had to rush to try to get it out with nail polish remover. That did not help very much :( Luckily she's a doll and wouldn't scold me, but I'm sure she won't be happy either that I ruined her bed sheet set that she's currently letting us use. Oopsy, I'm a bit clumsy sometimes. So I will get Scarab swatched when I wear it - for sure!

So for a total of 15 quid, I got 2 Paul & Joe, P&J makeup bag, P&J nail file (which works very well), and 2 Illmasqua polishes all with free shipping included.

Asos dispatched this order very fast to me and I am pleased. I will be shopping on there again.

So 4 more polishes added to my collection and DH is none the happier, but he'll survive :)

Until next time, Take it EZ!!!xx

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