Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bon voyage gifts - TOM FORD Private Blend Lip Color in Blush Nude, Cherry Lush, and Pink Dusk

I have a sweet sweet online friend of mine who sent me a lovely gift in the mail.
I was blown away by the awesome package, and want to thank my friend for thinking of me - especially during this crucial time in my life.  This bon voyage gift contained tons of goodies, but I wanted to review my favorite items.


Not only are they my biggest lemmings this season, but my #1 favorite lipsticks now.

TOM FORD lipsticks are to Die for! I can see why people are spending $45 each for these lipsticks.  They are creamy, moisturizing, pleasantly scented and absolutely gorgeous in their white and gold cases.  They scream luxury and deliver luxury to your lips as well.

I was given Cherry lush, Beige Nude, and Pink Dusk.  All 3 colors are gorgeous and very different and yet all flatter me.

Cherry Lush is a blue toned hollywood red.  I have been searching for a bright red for so long and this one suits me so well.

Beige nude is a clean beige nude.  It isn't muddy and contains enough pink to not wash me out.  So in love lol

Pink Dusk is such a mature pink color.  I don't look like I'm trying to be 15 with pink lipstick.  It is a wonderful blend when you mix it with Beige nude.  It is so neutral and glistening. I can't rave about these enough......seriously.

I love these so much, that I have decided that once I am done with all the lipsticks that I currently own, that Tom Ford will be the only lipsticks that I will purchase for myself.

A little piece of heaven in a lipstick tube and I am content. only if you weren't $45/tube lol

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